When things don't go smoothly...

When things don't go smoothly...

Fluctuations in electricity and fluctuations in the quality of the gas that powers our drying can sometimes cause issues with our dyer – and disrupt our drying process. Sometimes we get an order and process for it, but the client backs out. Sometimes, we process and everything is fine – and then the natural browning of fruit (we don’t use artificial preservatives) makes it hard to sell our product. 

Fortunately, we have worked with partners over the last 5 years to develop a continuous, resource-efficient, ‘no-such thing as waste’ model. 

Just this week our friends at Food4All (Shadrach and Ibrahim, this time!) came with their new cold truck to collect fruit that they’ll distribute to food-insecure people within their network.

They collected:

  • 6.4kg Dried pawpaw  
  • 75.0kg  Dried pineapple
  • 537.2kg Fresh pineapple in quarters 

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