All natural tropical dried fruit, from our home to yours.

Yvaya Farm is powered by a dynamic team of intrepid young Ghanaians working to make life better. We’re using our dried fruit business to create jobs, improve rural livelihoods, and bring healthy food to as many people as we can. 

In January 2023 we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to make this site a reality. We raised $8,711 – almost 350% more than our original ask. Thank you to the 146 incredible backers who make our work possible.

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Farmer Partners

  • Michael, Mango Farmer

    Eastern Region, Ghana

  • Bobby, Pawpaw Farmer

    Eastern Region, Ghana

  • Malik, Pawpaw Farmer

    Eastern Region, Ghana

  • Mr. Ato, Mango Farmer

    Eastern Region, Ghana

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This site is made possible thanks to the support of 146 incredible Kickstarter backers. Thank you for believing in our company! You're amazing.


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