Team Banana Farm Visit !

Team Banana Farm Visit !

What exactly is the "fruit value chain"?

In business (and grant writing!) it's easy to throw around terms and not really understand — or live — what they truly mean. At Yvaya Farm we're trying to operate with the integrity of really living the truth we talk about... Part of which is making sure that our whole team sees, feels, and understands all the different parts of our industry.

We had the pleasure of being shown around Volta River Estates (VRE) farms by Dutch founder, Huub. VRE has been around for over 20 years (!) and grows the foreign types of bananas. These foreign varieties normally dry sticky and sweet and a little browner in colour than our most common local variety.

When we talk about the "value chain" and knowing where the fruit we process comes from, we really mean it 🙂🍌⚡️

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