Out of the factory and into the field!

Out of the factory and into the field!

At Yvaya Farm we believe in supporting the holistic development of our team and all those who we work with. This means giving our partners the opportunity to learn things that are not necessarily directly related to their roles. In the past, we’ve taken our Production Officers to the farms we source from. Our plan is also to bring more of our Farmer-Partners to our factory space (stay tuned for our new factory…loading...) 

In May we took our new management team to SGA Farms to see where our pawpaw is grown and learn about pawpaw agriculture from farmer Bobby Gyesi. 

You may remember we did an interview with Bobby last year.  Bobby and his siblings started SGA Farms “to make their mother proud,” and embedded this vision in the very name of the farm – Sheila Gyesi Akosua (SGA) being their mother’s name.

In the five years since their inception in 2018, they’ve already managed to establish themselves in foreign markets and are excited that their mother can walk into her favourite store in the UK – Marks & Spencer – and see her children’s produce. 

You can read our full interview with Bobby here https://yvayafarm.com/blogs/news/an-interview-w-returnee-pawpaw-farmer-bobby-gyesi

A few memories and learnings from our team ! 

Jonas, Head of Manufacturing
“So when we got to the entrance of the farm, I alighted opened the gate, and decided to walk to the pack house. I didn't imagine that the farm would be so big that making it to the pack house on foot would be nearly impossible…”

Joe, National Sales Manager
“I learnt that the pawpaw is of two kinds, the male and female pawpaw, and with male it doesn't bear fruits. I also learnt they have an old pawpaw trees which they breed some of their seedlings from.”

Salomey, M&E Manager 
“Oh I loved that trip. It was amazing how Bobby incoperated his background in Engineering into farming and how open and humble he was. He treats his workers well the environment there felt more like that of PJ. It was a really wonderful experience.

Abigail, HR
“I love that he created a big dam which irrigates the farm. Also, the hermaphrodite pawpaw usually meets export standards And his pawpaw tastes good👍🏿”

Unfortunately, even with irrigation, it’s almost impossible to harvest pawpaw all year round. Pawpaw will be back in season and back on the (virtual and physical) shelves from September / October :)

In the meantime, visit shop.yvayafarm.com (Ghana) or yvayafarm.com (USA) to purchase some of our other dried fruits


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