No such thing as waste ! From Fruit to Feed.

No such thing as waste ! From Fruit to Feed.

Assistant Production Manager, Henrietta, did a stellar job of interviewing Mr Isaac (aka “Yevu”) of Odopaa’s Farm and shared a little about the young farmer collecting our #YvayaFarm fruit waste for his animals. 

Isaac passes by our factory several times a week to collect seeds, peels, and rejected fruits to use as feed for the goats (25), cows (15), fowls (uncountable!), rabbits, and other animals on his farm. 

A local resident of Gbawe Zero, he heard about our company earlier this year and his since become a regular. If not for collecting (for free) from us, he’d have to take his animals “into the bush” or purchase food stock. Our “waste” actually helps his animals grow faster.

It’s a win-win :)

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