Yvaya farm - two ripe mangoes, with one half cut and fanned out into a hedgehog style on a bright, sunlit surface.

Mango. It’s here.

This is a very exciting moment for us because Emmanuel (COO) coordinated his / our fist major sourcing mission from… Ivory Coast ! Our local mango season is not quiteeee here yet. But our neighbour’s season starts a little earlier than ours. 

As you may be familiar, our early season mangoes can be naturally a bit tart (some people love it), but the mangoes from Ivory Coast have had enough time to naturally mature and sweeten on the tree. They’ve ripened to this incredible natural juiciness. 

We’re looking forward to sharing more of Emmanuel’s journey, and the journey of the mango, in a future upcoming post.

Thanks for all your amazing support !

P.S. We will soon be doing an early-bird pre-sale of sweet, succulent dried mango. Watch this space so you don't miss out...

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