First mango of the season!

First mango of the season!

It was with great pleasure that we welcomed the first mango of the season ! We’re grateful to our supplier Michael from Somanya. We’ve been working with him since 2018 ! 

The months in between local Ghanaian mango seasons can be quite stressful as mango is incredibly popular both locally and abroad.  In Ghana we process mostly Keitte and Kent mangoes, but our team has worked with Sunset, Palmer, and Haden varieties. 

If you’re a buyer and interested in purchasing natural, conventional dried mango (or pineapple, pawpaw, or banana) please reach out to 

Looking to get a holiday gift for friends or family (or just something sweet for yourself)? You can find our range of products online at (USA) or (Ghana). 

We have a discount code for first-time visitors: enter FIRSTBUY! at checkout for 10% off. 

Finally, we conduct regular farm tours to check in with our farmers and monitor the health and activities of the farms that supply us. We wrote about some of the challenges our farmers have reported in an earlier blog post on our website: 

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