Digital Training with Dan-the-Man!

Digital Training with Dan-the-Man!

We talk a lot about creating economic opportunities for (young) Ghanaians. Part of that is creating jobs, part of it is purchasing inputs from people to support incomes, part of it is helping our young workforce participate in a contemporary economy.

While we have a little downtime before mango season starts, members of our core team are doing digital training with Dan Gyinaye Poku (Ops & Program Manager at True Foundry Org.)

The team are covering:
  1. Basic computer skills (Typing, saving files, naming files)
  2. How to use Productivity tools (Google workspace like Gmail, Google sheets, Google docs, Google calendar, google forms)
  3. Understanding their digital foot print
  4. Employment readiness (How to create a resume and communicating effectively at work)
  5. How to do reporting

Support our team and their work by purchasing a pouch of Yvaya Farm Dried Fruit today :) (USA) or (Ghana).

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